LP National Chair Candidacy

I am seeking the Libertarian National Committee Chair position. If you are interested in helping me win this position please fill out the Contact Form and ensure the “I’m an LP Delegate Supporting Jorge’s LP Chair Candidacy” checkbox is checked.

Why I am Running

With Ron Paul in 2007

It took a while for the vital myth-shattering ideas of Galileo, Bruno, and Copernicus to spread. We find ourselves in a similar situation. Whether homo sapiens ultimately self-destroys in another tribalistic world war, socialist revolution, environmental disaster, or covid-mania self-mutilating economic lockdowns, it will all come down to whether the socioeconomic ideas of the thinkers referred to as ‘The Austrian School of Economics’ and men like Founder Carl Menger (my shirt), Ludwig von Mises, 1974 Nobel Laureate in Economics F.A. Hayek and others reach the public and leaders in time. After the Ron Paul Revolutions of 2008-12 and now the Javier Milei Revolution in Argentina this should be absurdly obvious to many. Mises writes:

“If we want to avoid the destruction of Western civilization and the relapse into primitive wretchedness, we must change the mentality of our fellow citizens. We must make them realize what they owe to the much vilified “economic freedom,” the system of free enterprise and capitalism. The intellectuals and those who call themselves educated must use their superior cognitive faculties and power of reasoning for the refutation of erroneous ideas about social, political and economic problems and for the dissemination of a correct grasp of the operation of the market economy. They must start by familiarizing themselves with all the issues involved in order to teach those who are blinded by ignorance and emotions. They must learn in order to acquire the ability to enlighten the misguided many…. The issues of society’s economic organization are every citizen’s business. To master them to the best of one’s ability is the duty of everyone.”

If we are to have a rapid world-wide Misesian free market revolution we must begin by having people who are thoroughly convinced that such a revolution is possible and become beacons to further educate and lead the rest, and I am one of such people. Myself and many others believe that the conditions are right to spark a world-wide free market revolution given all the socioeconomic chaos we are currently dealing with and the monumental focus that this is bringing upon the 2024 election. I believe that I am well suited to help accelerate the spread of the ideas of ‘The Austrians’ that are the key to overcoming the economic ignorance of the masses which is the root underlying cause of all of our statism-tribalism-problems.

About Me

I was born in Cuba deep into Communist culture. After leaving Cuba and spending a few years in Europe I came to Miami when I was 11. I got a degree in Computer Science from FIU (1999) and in one of my first jobs after graduating I met my friend Ted who within a few months introduced me first to the evolutionary writings of Richard Dawkins and later to ‘Austrian Economist’ and 1974 Nobel Laureate in Economics F.A. Hayek. Hayek writes:

“We understand now that all enduring structures above the level of the simplest atoms, and up to the brain and society, are the results of, and can be explained only in terms of, processes of selective evolution…”


Hayek and ‘The Austrians’ had explained how the entire world worked and why society kept making various errors. As with Galileo, Bruno, etc. it was obvious to me how their ideas would eventually spread and the best thing one could do is help towards that cause. I’ve read most of the major works of Menger, Mises, Hayek and Rothbard, written several books trying to simplify their ideas, especially their evolutionary aspects. Some of my economics writings have been published at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, lewrockwell.com, and ZeroHedge

A good way to learn about the wisdom of ‘The Austrians’ as well as their applications to the major problems that are affecting us like race related issues as well as Jew-Gentile conflicts is to watch this 2.5 hour video which combines several talks I gave.