Free Books and Audiobooks

The Freedom Intellectual Reconquista: The Growing ‘Austrian Economics’ Worldwide Revolution And Resulting Dissolution Of Myths Arising From Biochemical And Socioeconomic Complexity (Germ Theory, Socialism, Antisemitism, Zionism)

Paperback and Kindle: Less Marx, More Mises: Sparking The Misesian Worldwide Free Market ‘Austrian Economics’ Real Capitalism Revolution

At just 69 pages or 3 hours of listening this book provides a great introduction to ‘Austrian Economics’ and many vital insights from the ‘Austrians’ like the impossibility of Socialism, Carl Menger’s vital ideas on the evolution of money and much more.

Paperback: Real Science Requires Real Freedom: An Introduction To ‘Austrian Economics’, Cultural Evolution, And The Busting Of Mythology Arising From Complexity

‘The Science’ is just information, and we discover the best information through economic competition which requires economic freedom. This little book will not only teach you sound ‘Austrian Economics’ but then us the wisdom to understand the evolution of many medical and scientific myths like the mistaken Germ Theory of disease and all it implies, vaccination nonsense, virology, the HIV->AIDS->Death myth and many more.

Paperback and Kindle: A Hayekian Worldview: Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life, Society, the Economic Crisis, Hip-Hop, and F.A. Hayek’s Coming Intellectual Revolution.